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Mr. Hans Christian Steinmüller, chairman and managing partner of HCS Immobilien Consulting, has been responsible for marketing activities in connection to over 4.000 apartment and retail properties during the last years. HCS has been setting up and placing closed real estate funds for a total volume of around € 1.100 Mio. Primarily, HCS is known outside the prime real estate world as the developer of some of the most original and multi- facetted theme park and hospitality / event developments.

Financing, Investors procurement, managing director / managing partner

Admiralspalast Berlin (2005/2006)
Entertainment, leisure and cultural center protected as an historic monument.
Conception and structure

Inhabitat Real Estate Fund No. 1 (2004/2005)
Distribution-oriented fund in Hamburg, Germany (flats).
Marketing conception and control

Berlin-Siemensstadt (2002/2003)
Rental properties (flats being protected as historic monuments numbering over 2.300 units)
Investment procurement, private placement

Meilenwerk Berlin (2001/2002)
Conversion of an old streetcar depot into an integrated oldtimer village with associate infrastructure
Set-up of a closed real estate fund structure and distribution

Europa Real Estate fund No. 1-3 (1997 - 2001)
Funds with properties in the Netherlands and in Germany, total volume around € 140 Mio.
Real Estate Development and Marketing

Peninsula Köpenick (1995 - 1999)
Grant-aided and fully financed themed up-scale housing project with 770 units in Berlin
Real Estate Development, Conception and Marketing

Environment Fund No. 1 (1992 - 1994)
Fund-based sewage elimination system with a Public Private Partnership.